Why College Drinking Can Change Your Life Path

As we all know, In America there is a large expectation for students to have a wild time during their college experience. These young kids are often new to heavy drinking and peer pressured beyond their limits.

A study from experts at Tel Aviv University and Cornell University has revealed that when students participate in heavy drinking only 6 times per month will decrease their chances at getting a job after graduation by 10%.

Peter Bamberger is a professor of organizational behavior at TAU’s Coller School of Management and Cornell University.

“The manner in which students drink appears to be more influential than how much they drink when it comes to predicting the likelihood of getting a job upon graduation,”

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has stated that Binge-drinking means that one has consumed more than 5 drinks in two hours (4 for a woman).

Alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t only effect young people, many adults are addicted as well. According to statistics from the International Labour Organization, about 40% of work accidents involve alcohol use on the job. Also about 30% of American adults have admitted to having a drinking problem.

The alarming truth is that the numbers are higher for students ages 18-29 at 37%.

In 1990 “The New England Journal of Medicine” published a study involving 10 pilots under the age of 33. They monitored the results of sober pilots vs. pilots who have had a been drinking 14 hours prior to the study. The simulator showed decreased precision in the pilots who had been drinking before flying.

“The effect of alcohol on sleep may contribute to some of the flight-performance decrements observed after drinking,” they found.

Alcohol industries such as beer, wine, and liquor companies are not the only ones benefiting from alcohol addicted people.

Euromonitor is a market researcher that has found that there are more than 2.6 billion hangovers in America every year. For example, an estimated total of $810 million will be spent by Americans in 2021 on antacids for stomach relief.

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