Twelve Helpful Tips For Deciding On A Treatment Center That’s Right For You

Typically when someone is diagnosed with a fatal illness or chronic disease, their family will immediately feel defeated with sadness, and looking for answers. In this situation, most people turn to friends, family, or their local doctor for advice. When a loved one is dealing with substance abuse, most families shy from asking advice from the people they know because of the fear of judgement. Addiction comes with many stereotypes and stigmas. It’s common for people in this situation to cling to the internet for the advice they are looking for; this can sometimes lead to regrets later down the road.

According to recent news, there are some corrupt treatment centers who are just in the business for the money instead of being sincerely passionate to help these people who are suffering from addiction.

When simple terms are searched such as “addiction” and “rehab” it can be easy to stumble upon a faulty website which will steer you in the wrong direction.

A website can look good aesthetically, but that does not mean that the treatment center will be trustable.

While in the midst of stressing out about the struggles of a loved one, families often have a difficult time to make educated and informed decisions on choosing a treatment center that will be most effective for their needs.

It is often helpful to reach out to people in the community in the medical field who may have trust worthy recommendations.

Being mindful in knowing what to look for is the first step to finding a good rehab while utilizing the internet.

Once you have discovered a website of a treatment center that sparks your interest, the first thing to do is call them directly and speak with a member of their team.

Consider asking yourself these questions before sending your loved one into the care of an unknown program:

1. How long has the treatment center been running for? (Often times, businesses who have been helping recovering addicts for more than 10 years, they are a reputable source.

2. Does the business have state licensing?

3. Has the program been officially recognized by the ‘Joint Commission’ or are they non-profit? Do they comply with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)?

4. Are they working with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers?

5. Does the company accept your insurance?

6. Do they perform regular drug screenings to check up on their patients?

7. Does the center provide any extra services for family support and education? Does it cost extra?

8. What types of care do they provide?

9. What is the placement criteria for each person’s specific needs? If that center does not work with your needs, will they refer you to other organizations?

10. Do they offer incentives like included rent, or airline assistance?

11. Will they offer alumni positions in counseling after treatment is completed?

12. Will they refer you to a sober living house after the program is finished?

Addiction can be overcome, with the right program and support system. It is possible to get a new start and make something of your life before its too late.

Make sure to be educated on the treatment center you choose before sending your loved on into their care.

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