Memphis Collegiate Facilities Making Steps Toward Improving the City's Health Care

While the city of Memphis, Tennessee has much allure, there are some problems that must be addressed to make the community a better place. With issues of crime and poverty, substance abuse is closely linked in many cases.

Researchers at the Health Science Center at The University of Tennessee are working toward making health care better for local citizens who need help.

The facilities at UTHSC consist of 6 colleges. These schools are the largest in the state to grant degrees to doctoral and master’s-level health care professionals. They also provide health care assistance to people in the community when hospitals and clinics cannot handle the volume. They operate clinics providing assistance in dental, pharmacy, and nursing.

There are over 3,000 students studying at UTHSC along with another 1,300 residents.

In order to support those in the community who can not afford or do not have insurance, the UTHSC has teamed up with Methodist University Hospital, Regional One Health, and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to ensure that these patients receive the health care that they need.

The students at the centers are constantly working towards creating a better situation for not only local citizens but the children especially. Making the community safer for children in the long run will reduce risk of them being exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age, they must also be educated on the dangers of addiction.

The Center for Health in Justice Involved Youth is run by Dr. Altha Stewart, a specialist from the UTHSC. She is also the elected president of the American Psychiatric Association.

"Our faculty practice groups -- University Clinical Health, UT Le Bonheur Pediatric Specialists, UT Methodist Physicians, UT Regional One Physicians, and the rapidly advancing West Cancer Center -- are some of the largest in the state."

"The cutting-edge research and care done by our faculty here in Memphis has been essential to the national recognition received by LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and Methodist University Hospital."

Methodist University runs a prestigious nationally ranked program for adult liver and kidney transplants.

Le Bonheur has a new cutting edge pediatric heart transplantat program. From all aspects, the people of UTHSC are working every day toward improving health care for the people of Memphis.

With that being said, they are also taking large steps towards helping those in recovery, as well as preventing addiction for their community's youth. The Addiction Medicine Foundation has deemed the UTHSC's Center for Addiction Science the first Center of Excellence in the nation.

Dr. Alex Dopico is a specialist at Department of Pharmacology at the UTHSC is leading studies in finding out the causing factors of addiction. While Dr. Daniel Sumrok, the Director at Center for Addiction Science is developing new addiction treatment methods.

“Dr. Steve J. Schwab, MD, has been chancellor of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center since 2010.”

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