Arizona Files Lawsuit Against Insys For Fentanyl Prescription Fraud

Recently, a drug company called Insys has deceived insurers to fund a highly dangerous drug. This highly addictive lethal substance is made of Fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin.

The name of the product is Subsys and it comes in the form of a spay, which is administered under the tongue. This medication is being given to patients who aren't necessarily eligible. It is meant for cancer patients who are in severe pain and have no other options for pain relieving treatment.

The state of Arizona recognized this problem and filed a lawsuit against the company. Insys is in the wrong because they have paid off doctors to prescribe this dangerous medication to non-cancer patients while they reported that the patients did have cancer.

Mark Brnovich is an Attorney General on the case who says that this issue has only made the state's addiction problem even worse as they try to combat it.

There have been a series of State and Federal Investigations conducted on the case.

Brnovich also filed lawsuits against the doctors who took the bribes from the drug company, and illegally prescribed the lethal substance to people who were not eligible to receive it.

Insys reportedly paid about $200,000 to the doctors while they generated nearly $33 Million in revenue between March 2012 and April 2017.

'We need to put a stop to the unethical and greedy behavior in the pharmaceutical industry that is fueling the opioid crisis in our state,' Brnovich said.

Steve Fanto, Nikesh Seth and Sheldon Gingerich are all doctors who work for the drug company Insys. When faced with the lawsuit, they had nothing to say.

The medication Subsys is being produced in the state of Arizona and distributed to doctors offices all over, where they are falsely prescribing to patients.

This past December, 6 company executives have been prosecuted for engaging in the bribery. While they pleaded not guilty, the Insys employees lack evidence to prove them right.

Arizona is not the only state to catch onto this alarming issue. Other states have begun to press charges on the Insys employees for they wrong-doing.

The most recent trial has included Alec Burlakoff, a former vice president of sales for Insys, and Elizabeth Gurrieri, a former manager of reimbursement.

Burlakoff pleaded not guilty while his colleague Gurrieri pleaded guilty to the charges.

Insys is currently negotiating with U.S. Department of Justice to resolve this issue.

They have offered to pay $8.95 million to Oregon, New Hampshire and Illinois to put an end to any further investigations by the states attorney general offices.

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