September Is Recovery Month

Every year, September is recognized by the nation as 'Recovery Month'. This began 27 years ago, and will continue each year to inform and inspire people across the United States. A press conference is held by SAMHSA every September to highlight the achievements of the organization and the goals they have for the upcoming year. They also announce a large range of statistics that relate to this topic, the event is very educational.

Though this year's conference is upcoming, here is a video of last years' conference:

SAMHSA's Principal Deputy Administrator, Kana Enomoto spoke about many topics during the event. She mentioned the untold stories of the millions of parents who abuse drugs and have their babies revoked from their care, due to the neglect of receiving proper treatment.

A story she focused in on was about a baby named Asa, he was born premature after a 6 month pregnancy, weighing only 3 pounds; She said he would fit in the palm of your hand. This baby was born with levels of heroin and opioids in his system that were off the charts, he showed every possible symptom for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). This is a condition where newborn babies will withdrawal from drugs that they were exposed to before birth.

It's simply not fair to these babies to be born with these challenges. These situations are avoidable with proper treatment and therapy.

As Michael Botticelli said at the conference, the need for more treatment space is constantly growing. Recently, as the number of people in need grows, the amount of treatment centers just can't keep up. Many addicts are found waiting weeks or months just to receive the help they need. In this situation, everyday is a risk for overdose or even death, there is no time to be wasted. An expansion in treatment centers is desperately needed. In 2017, the US government set aside $1.1 Billion of new funding for the expanse of Prevention, and Treatment Services.

This 'Recovery Month' gives people in the recovery community a chance to pay closer attention to the importance of substance abuse and mental health treatment. We also celebrate during this time for the people who have gone through treatment and are successfully living functioning sober lifestyles.

Bottom line: treatment works, and it's important to educate the people in communities across the nation on how it can turn around the life of any addict, with proper dedication. Civilians come together during Recovery Month to create and distribute educational materials and media to help those who need it.

In 1989, 'Recovery Month' was founded. It originated as "Treatment Works Month". This began as a recognition month for the people who ran the substance abuse treatment centers. The concept began to grow. In 1998, it evolved into 'Recovery Month' which began to celebrate the gains of those who are now sober. More recently, In 2011 it broadened into a celebration and recognition of not only substance abuse recovery but mental health as well.

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