Actress Stacey Dash is most known for her roles in hit movies in the 90s like "Clueless" but few have known about her personal struggles with addiction, abuse and depression. She recently documented some of the most painful stories from her past in a new memoir entitled "There Goes My Social Life".

In her book she discusses her trouble childhood growing up in the South Bronx and how it affected her as an adult. She dealt with violence and poverty living in the inner city and was molested when she was only four years old by a family acquaintance.

She began using cocaine when she was just sixteen and also struggled in abusive relationships as an adult. In spite of all of her difficulties, Dash considers herself a survivor who was able to overcome the heavy issues she went through to succeed in her career. Now an outspoken political conservative, Dash has been able to open up about her life and use her influence to discuss issues that matter to her.

A Complicated Background

Stacey Dash grew up in a tough inner city surrounded by a culture of drugs and violence which she says informed many of her social and political views today. She believes that social welfare programs perpetuate the cycle of violence in inner cities as people grow depressed, addicted and part of abusive relationships because they lack self-worth.

She feels that the government handing out welfare rather than promoting opportunities for these communities is only worsening the problem. Dash's experiences growing up were dark but typical of many young people in her neighborhood. She tried cocaine when she was only 16 and became consumed by an intense addiction.

She continued doing drugs into her 20s when she became involved in an abusive relationship with a man who would punch and hurt her anywhere on her body that could be covered up. She says that this abuse was something that part of her felt she deserved because she came from such a poor and violent background. Because of her experiences she wants to fight for the right of women and people living in inner cities like the South Bronx.

Overcoming Addiction and Abuse

After finally ending her relationship with her abuser, Dash was still doing drugs when she began a new relationship and became pregnant. She was at such a low point in her addiction that she felt depressed and as though she didn't want to live. She planned to have an abortion but she says that she had a spiritual feeling and communication from God telling her to keep the child.

Her oldest son Austin is now 25 and she has another 12 year old daughter named Lola. Dash says that she wants to be honest with her children about her past to protect them. She wants her children to understand that she is a survivor of difficult circumstances and not a victim. She hopes to inspire her children to feel that there is nothing they cannot overcome.

Now 49 years old, Stacey Dash has become outspoken and active in politics working as a Fox News commentator. She has created some controversy with her extremely conservative views but she wants people to understand that her beliefs come from her experiences and her desire to improve the situation of people living in poor black communities.

She believes that her community deserves more than inner city culture and that they simply need more opportunities to accomplish what they are truly capable of doing. Stacey Dash was able to overcome her background and experience success in Hollywood in spite of all she has been through in life.

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