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‘Snowboarding Makes It a Lot Easier to Stay Clean’

on Monday, 02 April 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery

Dragonfly Transitions, a sober-living group in Oregon, gets a weekly dose of the mountains, where many of the participants focus on snowboarding as well as their recovery.  According to KVAL CBS 13, mentor Kenny Benson said, “Most of our students have a high level need for excitement and adventure.  It’s probably a lot of the reasons they were using before the program, so we try to fulfill that need.”  In addition to weekly therapy sessions, community living, and regular counseling, the group goes snowboarding and skiing every weekend.

One student, Kareem Talib, said, “Snowboarding makes it a lot easier to stay sober for me.” He is coming up on 9 months clean, and he feels like this would not have been possibly without this program and without the snow sports.  Jared Roberts, another student from New York, describes his life before the program, as he did drugs, stole money, and getting carried away.  His parents gave him a choice to get help or get out of their house, so he ended up with Dragonfly Transitions.  Jared says he is really glad to have found this program.  He said, “Seeing the snow now is just like my new drug.  I see it and I just get that same feeling-excitement, that adrenaline.  Yea, it is going to be so much fun.  And I am just so happy I found this.”

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