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Russell Brand Plans a Documentary of Drug Addiction

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery

Russell Brand Plans a Documentary of Drug Addiction

According to, Russell Brand is discussing making a documentary for the BBC, covering drug and alcohol addiction.  Russell has publicly struggled with his own alcohol and drug addictions, and he has been dedicated to staying clean and sober.  

This documentary comes after a four year gap Russell has steered away from BBC.  In 2008, he quit his BBC radio show over smutty messages Brand left on actor Andrew Sachs’ voicemail.  Russell Brand is considering doing this documentary or free because he believes in the message, as well as being very affected by the death of Amy Winehouse.

The BBC is discussing a television show, with Russell Brand, whose subject will be addiction.   The importance of giving back in recovery is overwhelming, and Russell may benefit greatly by sharing his message with the world.

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