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Poetry by Andy Holcombe

on Saturday, 26 May 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery

Poetry by Andy Holcombe

On Falling
by Andy Holcombe

Wind and rain the storms of pain
Shadow and doubt where loneliness reigns
Lack of faith makes an ugly stain

I in the grip of hells despair
Had lost my way about my life I did not care
I had squandered love of the one most fair

And on a lofty perch I clung
In a retched plan to reach that one
For pities sake threatened my time be done

I cried out to Heaven please God help
No longer able to play the hand I dealt
In answer He gently pushed the ground I never felt

Five weeks past before I woke
Unable to move in the physicians yoke
Helpless as a new born with needles they me did poke

God helps those who can't help themselves
To some he whispers to others he yells
Put pen to paper he now me compels

To compose into these simple rhymes
The ecstasy and agony of my life and times
A cathartic confession I own my crimes

He made me an example to those that stray
Sometimes we have a heavy price to pay
But He showed He answers those that pray

I gladly bow and give Him my all
Thankful for the blessing of my tragic fall
Trying to live up to an example the bar set so tall

I know I have such a long way to go
And that the journey will be tediously slow
But at peace knowing He loves His children here below

© 2003 E.A. Holcombe

Precious Child
by Andy Holcombe

The demons that hound me are caged by flimsy wire
So easily broken by simple desire

I gaze upon them without fear
Only because my source of strength allows me near

The times I think His power is my own
He grants me leave to walk alone

I stand defiant with my prideful blade
Useless against the demons raid

Without mercy they torture and burn
Until in humble desperation I beg His return

Comforting He holds me close to say
My precious child it was not me who went away

© 1998 E.A. Holcombe

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