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Old Hotel Houses Women’s Recovery

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery

A New Beginning, a recovery center for women in Tennessee, is housed in an old hotel, at one of the busiest intersections of a quaint little city.  According to, the nonprofit center opened in January and houses 25 women in recovery.  Lucie Bowen, a certified addiction drug and alcohol counselor, oversees the three phase recovery program at A New Beginning.

The first phase of the program starts with a 90 day intensive recovery process.  The women participate in counseling, life skills classes, anger management, parenting skills, workforce training, relapse prevention, and character building.  Lucie claims to give these women a lot of love, something many of them did not have in their addictions.  ”There is a lot of love here because that is where I believe the answer is,” she said.  ”Love casts out fears.”  In this first phase of the program, women who need their diploma will take GED classes, as well as participate in workforce training.

The second phase of the program places women in the workforce, and their training in the first phase becomes key to their success. A New Beginning has many ties to the community, which helps them to place these women in jobs.  Once these women are working in the second phase of the program, they are expected to use %80 of their earnings to pay for the program.  The programs director said, “This phase is really about empowering women to become self-suffiecient and employable.”  The first two phases generally take about 6 months.

The third phase of the program is a sober living phase, where women begin the transition to independence.  Sober living gives the participants more freedom, but it also gives them a protected place, free from real world temptations and problems.  Women in this phase are allowed to have a car and a cellphone, but must obey curfew.  Many of the women who complete the third phase have achieved long-term sobriety.  Sober living gives them the chance to practice what they have learned in treatment, while still having the support they need.  The third phase is open to any women who have completed treatment and are looking for a safer place to live.  All three phases require drug and alcohol screening.

For more information call 256-381-0013.

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