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Nourishing the Addict’s Body

on Wednesday, 28 March 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, From Professionals

Nourishing the Addict’s Body

Many people in recovery or working in the recovery field agree with the American Society of Addiction Treatment’s new definition of addiction as primarily a brain-based disease, and not a choice. According to , Addiction Nutritionist Victoria Abel agrees, but she also argues traditional treatment is not always enough.

She leads a movement to recognize and treat addiction not only as a physical condition and spiritual and mental illness, as it is currently treated in many 12-step and therapeutic treatment centers, but also more holistically as a Bio-Psych0-Social malady. Victoria asserts that nutrition is important in maintaining long-term recovery rates and improving the addict’s quality of life.

Victoria will be presenting cutting-edge research on how effective nutrition strategies can increase recovery rates. The presentation will be followed by a food tasting, complete with recommended recipes. Victoria explains, “Quitting an addictive chemical or process creates a physical deficiency within the addict that is most easily and naturally fulfilled by proper nutrition.

Research holds that patients who change to a whole foods diet along with specific supplementation can speed up detoxification time as well as show decreased cravings for their substance of choice.”

Victoria’s seminar, Nourishing the Addict’s Body, will cover the impact of early diet on addictive tendencies, typical food/alcohol/drug craving cycles, the role of food allergies and sensitivities in addiction, the impact of food on the brain and the body, and information about managing cravings through food and supplementation choice.

Victoria has been practicing in the field of addiction recovery for over 17 years.

For more information about this seminar, click here .

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