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    Heroin Crack Addiction recovery Episode 11

    Episode 11 of Recovery Now with host Mike is called ‘TRAPPED’. This episode portrays the story of Cory B and his family. Flash back footage shows Cory as a young man struggling with heroin and crack addiction. We see first hand the misery and devastation that Cory’s using caused to himself, his wife Tiffany and their baby boy Kaden. Mike welcomes Cory on stage. He now has one year sober and tells us how he did it and what his life is like today. In a truly touching moment Mike welcomes Cory’s wife and son on stage. Their love, peace and happiness made possible by recovery is wonderful to see and inspiring. Followed by musical guests and two real life interventions.Episode 10 of Recovery Now with host Mike is called ‘HONESTY’. It opens with a spoken word and drum performance entitled ‘Blinded By Addiction’ followed by guest Monica who shares her story of recovery and talks about The Friendly House rehab center where she now works. Then the show welcomes Bill K a recovering addict who is HIV positive. He shares his incredible story of hope and triumph. On stage Mike surprises Bill with special guests flown in from afar that bring him tears of joy.

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