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Frank House Recovery

In preparing for the Recovery Now project, I had the privilege of spending time with the Executive Director of Frank's House, Michael Ralke. Mr. Ralke personally created a treatment concept based on alternative lifestyle and the specialized needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals.

Frank's House has been helping the LGBT community for over twenty years. Mr. Ralke has established programs all over the country and his passion for helping the community is evident in his actions.

I had the privilege of visiting Frank's House numerous times. The facility is a safe haven for all alternative lifestyle individuals struggling with addiction. Oftentimes an individual will prolong their drug use in fear that their sharing about their lifestyle will result in judgment or ridicule.

I asked Mr. Ralke if he would be willing to sponsor a client in need of treatment at his facility. Whiout hesitation, Michael offered to sponsor two clients at the facility. Both clients (featured in Recovery Now Episode 4 and Episode 5) are still doing great and are on the road to recovery.

Frank's House has available county funding. Please inquire within.

Frank's House is consistent with the purpose of Recovery Now - To bring hope to those who struggle with addiction.

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