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The Opiate Treatement Center

Heroin Addiction and Residential Treatment Programs

Heroin Addiction and Residential Treatment ProgramsHeroin addiction is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous addictions. It begins with the user experiencing a high so great that the user craves it again and again. Unfortunately, few people know the long-term consequences of using such an addictive substance. Studies show that Heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents in the past several years.

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Breaking Free from Opana Addiction

Breaking Free from Opana AddictionOpana is a newer prescription painkiller that is believed to be doubly as strong as Oxycontin. While many have never heard of this painkiller, the substance can lead to fatalities when abused. Opana addiction is a serious issue. If you are seeking to renew your life and break free of addiction to this narcotic painkiller, residential treatment can help.

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An Exploration of Other Pain Meds That are Dangerous for Your Health

An Exploration of Other Pain Meds That are Dangerous for Your HealthOxycontin and Vicodin may be well-known as drugs that lead to substance abuse, but there are a wide variety of other pain medications that can also lead to dangerous addictions. These painkillers include Fentanyl, Demerol, Hydrocodone, Lorcet and Percocet. If you are abusing any of these drugs, our residential treatment facility can provide much needed help.

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The Process of Treating Oxycontin Addiction

An Exploration of Other Pain Meds That are Dangerous for Your HealthWhile Oxycontin is often prescribed for treating pain from injuries, muscle pain and arthritis, Oxycontin addiction is a serious issue. The medication should only be taken safely in limited amounts, under the careful supervision of a licensed physician. Unfortunately, because Oxycontin enables users to experience mood-altering effects, many abuse this drug. If you or a loved one suffer from Oxycontin addiction, our rehabilitation treatment center can be tremendously beneficial in helping to restore a healthier and safer life.

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The Best Ways to Treat Vicodin Addiction

The Best Ways to Treat Vicodin AddictionAlthough a prescription drug, many who suffer from Vicodin addiction are in denial about their problem. Since pain is often the reason why people begin taking Vicodin in the first place, it is easy for abusers to convince themselves that they are only taking the drug to help with their pain. Vicodin addiction can begin at any time in your life, to any gender, for any reason.

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