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Over the years, many clients have returned to share their gratitude for Custom Care.

Testimonial #1 My experience at Custom Care @ Spencer Recovery was excellent – actually more than I expected. The program is professional, compassionate and patient-focused. It’s a serious program for those serious about change. The facility was comfortable, in a gorgeous location, and all the staff made a concerted effort to accommodate special food needs, which as an individual with many food allergies, was very helpful. The program format of group work, individual work, homework and exercise/yoga was well thought out and balanced and I would recommend it to anyone considering your facility.

Testimonial #2 My husband was treated at Spencer Recovery in Custom Care for drug and alcohol addiction. He received the outstanding care and support I had expected, but what surprised me was the care and support I received from the counselors and staff as well. While I had been so focused on his recovery, Eva and Chris helped me realize I had a recovery of my own to do, as the devastating consequences of his addictions had wreaked havoc on my life and my self esteem. Without Chris' continued support, I surely would have continued to live in a cycle of abuse and I would not have had the courage to let go of my husbands recovery and grab hold of the reigns on my own recovery from co-dependency.

Today, I am able to say I have broken the cycle! Spencer Recovery gave me the tools to help myself and my children, rebuild our lives. Chris has supported and encouraged us every step of the way. I believe it was God's intention for our paths to cross, and I thank Him daily for leading my path, to a healthy and fulfilling life, through Spencer Recovery Center

Testimonial #3 I would like to thank all of the staff at Spencer Custom Care Recovery Center. My 30 day stay was life changing.

When I arrived at Spencer I was a complete mess. With many years of addiction problems and seeing many doctors and councilors, my care at Spencer was the professional help I needed to change my life forever. With the help of all the doctors, counselors and staff I was able to learn the tools needed to stay sober and improve all aspects of everyday living.

I would highly recommend anyone with addiction issues to go to Spencer Recovery Centers.

Testimonial #4 I went to Spencer from 2/09 to 5/09 to stay out of jail. Not only did I stay out of jail, it saved my life. The Custom Care program at Spencer Recovery Center and the counselors are the best Chris, Eva, Carol and. Robert the hypnotherapist as a team help me have a breakthrough in my life with my health, (which is in poor shape), wife,(we had not been happy for years), family (my son and I were not doing well) and my business. I am now clean from drugs and alcohol for 1 year and 8 months, I owe you my life, thank you.

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