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Concierge Service

Many of our clients at Custom Care or Custom Care's Infinity Program have interests and needs that require a high level of attention to detail and a creative approach to problem solving. We have been asked to make arrangements to provide a client with a 50 foot yacht and crew for a sober sailing experience. This was accomplished with less than 24 hours notice. Or arrange a private plane to take the client's loved ones sightseeing while visiting him as he regains perspective for life. Most rehabs would not be able to work with a client who needs to re-learn how to entertain guests at a formal, sit down dinners without the use of drugs or alcohol. Infinity welcomes the challenge and in fact has helped clients “practice” entertaining, eating out at fine restaurants and enjoying the finer things in life – sober.

We can do this for you. Our Concierge Service (primarily for Infinity clients) can handle the most unique requests or suggest alternatives which are equally satisfying. Custom Care's Infinity Program provides for an on site Concierge in addition to an Executive Assistant.

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