Custom Care of Beverly Hills

Welcome to Custom Care of Beverly Hills. Behind the gates of this modern home in Beverly Hills, California, Spencer Recovery Centers offers two distinct tracks for treating addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances.

The first model is based on a more traditional approach where clients engage in group therapy and follow a sort of tried and true path of meetings and recovery based activities. The surroundings are exceptional as are the therapeutic treatments. There are also a number of very nice amenities that go along with this Program, including the availability of some spa treatments and other creature comforts that make the journey of recovery a little less daunting and perhaps even enjoyable. The second track is Custom Care's Infinity Health & Wellness. This option is for those individuals who require an even higher level of care and individual treatment. Rather than following a prescribed path with other clients, a highly individualized treatment plan is assembled for each client based on an extensive intake and evaluation process. Infinity provides exclusive one-on-one treatment for those clients who determine that a group setting will not allow them to flourish in treatment. Whether this is for security, confidentiality or personal reasons – Infinity is there to help.

Both Programs offer the foundation for making long lasting changes to improve the quality of one's life; a life free from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse.