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The Intervention Process

The first step of the intervention process is to call 411 Intervention for a phone consultation. During this call, Cindy or one of her caring intervention coordinators conduct a brief assessment of your case and will recommend the best plan of action to begin the intervention process.

The second step usually involves discussing the details of the intervention with other members of the family who will be involved with the intervention. At this time, the 411 Intervention team will be available for continued guidance and reassurance for all of the people participating in the interventions.

The third step is to finalize the date of the intervention. 411 Intervention will assist you in travel arrangements and all planning necessary for the day of the intervention.

The fourth step is to prepare a letter to your loved one which will be read at the intervention. The 411 Intervention staff will assist you in preparing the letter. This will help to ensure that all items in the letter are conducive to create a healthy and supportive environment for your loved-one during the intervention.

The fifth step is to attend a pre-intervention conference. Wherever possible, 411 Interventionists will conduct the pre-intervention conference on the same day of the intervention. During this conference, all participants can communicate any last minute questions, concerns or fears surrounding the intervention.

The sixth step is to show up to the intervention. This step sometimes is the trickiest. Families often begin to second-guess themselves because of a worry that there will be a confrontation. The 411 Intervention staff will be available for ongoing support during this step.

Once the intervention is complete, the final and most important step is to have your loved-one enter a suitable treatment facility. Once again, the 411 Intervention staff will assist you in searching for an appropriate treatment program for your loved one.

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