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Opinion: Small Town Denial Merely Perpetuates Addiction

Written by Eliza Player on Thursday, 10 May 2012.

Opiate Addiction

Being from Louisiana, this article struck home with me. Also, my experience with small town residents addicted to painkillers paints this picture for me. I so disagree with this small town reporter. I want to warn all these small towns like Breaux Bridge, Louisiana...that this problem will not "blow over."

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Illegal Drugs

  • Teenager Hopes Her Sister’s Ecstasy Death Can Educate Other Teens

    Teenager Hopes Her Sister’s Ecstasy Death Can Educate Other Teens

    Shawna McCormick and her family were dragged from bed with the dreaded call a night last December, as her sister’s panicked friends told them to come right away. According to, Cheryl McCormick, 17, had taken a dose of ecstasy at a sleepover, and she was not okay. Shawna rushed out the door with her [...]

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