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Opinion: Small Town Denial Merely Perpetuates Addiction

Written by Eliza Player on Thursday, 10 May 2012.

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Being from Louisiana, this article struck home with me. Also, my experience with small town residents addicted to painkillers paints this picture for me. I so disagree with this small town reporter. I want to warn all these small towns like Breaux Bridge, Louisiana...that this problem will not "blow over."

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  • Film ‘American Addict’ Documents Americans Prescription Drug Addiction

    Film ‘American Addict’ Documents Americans Prescription Drug Addiction

    The problem of prescription drug addiction in the U.S. has become a health epidemic in recent years with many Americans overdosing from these powerful drugs. The film “American Addict” focuses on the relationship to prescription drugs that America has developed and the way that big pharmaceutical companies are largely to blame for the growing rate of addiction.


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