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Some stories will inspire you others will show you how far you've come.
We cover topics from drug & alcohol abuse to getting clean & staying sober.
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Articles tagged with: man escapes from psych ward

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Illegal Drugs

  • Teenager Hopes Her Sister’s Ecstasy Death Can Educate Other Teens

    Teenager Hopes Her Sister’s Ecstasy Death Can Educate Other Teens

    Shawna McCormick and her family were dragged from bed with the dreaded call a night last December, as her sister’s panicked friends told them to come right away. According to, Cheryl McCormick, 17, had taken a dose of ecstasy at a sleepover, and she was not okay. Shawna rushed out the door with her [...]

Prescription Drugs


  • Lana Del Rey Sobriety

    Lana Del Rey Clean and Sober For 12 Years , "Alcohol Was My First Love"

    Lana Del Rey, otherwise known as Lizzy Grant, or her birth name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. If you happen to live under a rock, Lana Del Rey has been touted as the next BIG thing in music. Yep, the American singer and songwriter may very well be the next Madonna, or even the Marilyn Monroe of music.

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