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Non-Profits Producing Anti-Heroin PSA

on Saturday, 14 July 2012.

PSA heroin addiction dangers

A PSA is currently in the works that hopes to send a positive message to young people facing the temptation of drugs like heroin.

Former Heroin Addict Turns Life Around

on Thursday, 12 July 2012.

heroin addict finds recovery

In Boston, a local recovering heroin addict shows that life can get better through getting clean. Joe Putignano, once a desperate heroin addict, is now a star gymnast in Cirque du Solei’s Totem

Forget Something? Heroin Found In Hotel

on Friday, 29 June 2012.

heroin in hotel room

It was just another day for employees of the Hilton Garden Inn Milford as they began cleaning a room guest had just checked out of.

4.5 Kilos of Heroin Found On Plane

on Thursday, 28 June 2012.

heroin smuggling operation

A Pakistan International Airlines plane was found to be carrying some extra cargo, and airport staff members are the prime suspects.

Mother Supplies Free Drug Test After Losing Son To Overdose

on Thursday, 28 June 2012.

free drug test heroin overdose

After losing her son to a heroin overdose, an Illinois mother is reaching out to help other parents.

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