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Podcast, Leaving New Orleans Once More

Written by Eliza Player on Sunday, 22 April 2012.

Podcast, Leaving New Orleans Once More

This podcast is about coming full circle, while I drive out of the city of New Orleans once more, I reflect back on my life in the city and my experience during Hurricane Katrina from my clean and sober viewpoint today.

Remembering Etta James, A Podcast

Written by Eliza Player on Monday, 23 April 2012.

Etta James Addiction And Recovery

I did this podcast in January 2012, in the week following Etta James' death. This podcast is a tribute to Etta, and her influence on so many people. I admired her for speaking out about addiction, and her honesty about her addiction and recovery was beautiful...and amazing.

The Fix Interviews Dead Kennedys' Sober Drummer

Written by Eliza Player on Friday, 20 April 2012.

Sobriety And Addiction

Dead Kennedys' drummer talks about his addiction, his recovery, and his musical life and passion.

Women Speak Out About Addiction

on Tuesday, 17 April 2012.

Women And Addiction

Women speak out about their experiences with addiction in hopes to educate parents.

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“Rock bottom became the solid foundationon which I built my life.”

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