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Articles tagged with: crack cocaine

A Tangled Web: One Man Lies About a Robbery That Occurred While He Was Having Sex

on Sunday, 20 May 2012.

Crack Cocaine Robbery

One man reports a robbery, and after the burglars are arrested, the victim was also charged with prostitution.

Drugs Found in Toddler's Pocket During a Raid

Written by Eliza Player on Friday, 20 April 2012.

Drugs Found On Child

Mother places crack cocaine and pills in her toddler's jacket pocket before attempting to escort him out of the house during a raid.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundationon which I built my life.”

- J.K. Rowling

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  • Opiate Addiction

    Opiate Addiction

    Opiate addiction is recognized as a central nervous system disorder that is caused by the abuse of such drugs like oxycodone, morphine, oxycontin and opium.


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