Man Charged for Running a Fake Sober-Living, Stealing From Residents

on Monday, 02 April 2012. Posted in Treatment

One man faces charges for theft and drug possession after cops found him running a “phony rehab home.”  According to CBS Chicago, Andrae Griffin claimed to be the president of an Oxford House rehabilitation home for recovering drug addicts.  When police arrived with a search warrant, they found Griffin smoking crack, and they found a gram of crack cocaine.  He was arrested on both drug charges and theft charges.

Police had warrants for Griffin on three different cases, accusing him of using his “purported position” as house president to take over control and confiscate the property of residents, which he took and pawned.  He also used his position to purchase equipment using the Oxford House line of credit, which he also pawned.

Oxford House is a real organization with several houses in Lake County, where recovering addicts pay to get their life back on track.  The license for the house Griffin claimed to be in charge of had its license revoked in the early 2000′s for failing to meet standards.  Police Chief Daniel Greathouse said, “This suspect took advantage of the very program used to rehabilitate recovering addicts.  It appears that, at least, Mr. Griffin was not selling drugs to the other residents of the home.  However, he did steal from their rooms on more than one occasion.”

Image courtesy of Waukegan Police.

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