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Recovery Now TV is a free hotline that provides referrals to drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the United States. Our staff provides 24 hour assistance, seven days a week. We are willing to work with you to get the most out of your insurance for treatment purposes. We also provide referrals for dual diagnosis facilities, interventions, detoxes, and aftercare programs.
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Recovery Now TV
is a no cost consultation hotline that provides referrals to drug & alcohol treatment centers nationwide.  Our counselors will evaluate your situation and work with your health insurance provider to place you in a program that meets your needs. We can ensure that you are placed in the best treatment facility possible and receive the care you need for your unique circumstances.

Detox: Don't let withdrawal symptoms keep you from becoming chemically free.  Our programs provide medically supervised detoxification to ensure you are comfortable and safe from start to finish. Unsupervised withdrawals can be too difficult, dangerous and often unsuccessful for people trying to quit their addictions alone. The first step in recovery is successfully detoxing from physical addiction. Detoxing in a serene setting can provide a stress-free environment for you to eliminate your chemical dependency.

Co-Occurring Disorders:  If you or a loved one is dealing with a co-existing condition we can connect you with the right treatment center that will address each issue you are experiencing. Addiction is commonly accompanied by other mental health problems which can make recovery much more complex. We can provide rehab treatment centers for a number of co-occurring disorders such as eating disorders, trauma, loss, depression, anxiety and learning disabilities. Recovery Now TV can help you find the best possible treatment for your dependency and mental health condition to ensure a successful recovery.

Travel Assistance:  Should you choose to go outside your area, allow our counselors to take the hassle out of locating and arranging transportation. Clients may prefer rehab programs from out-of-state so that they can distance themselves from their old life and feel they are getting away for a while. The best rehab programs for your situation also may not be local treatment centers and will require you to relocate. In these cases we can help to arrange travel by air, train or other means so that you can reach your treatment program without any difficulty.

Chronic Relapse:  Allow our counselors to place you in a program to ensure it's your last program.  When a person finds themselves in multiple treatment programs, there's a strong indication that something with that person has been overlooked. Lingering or unresolved issues could be getting in the way of your recovery and causing you to continue relapsing. Our counselors can help to place you in a program that will allow you to develop an effective relapse prevention plan and ensure that you stay sober. Special treatment and therapy for chronic relapse can be the answer to prevent you from returning to rehab.

Insurance Assistance: It can be complicated to deal with insurance providers and make sure you are covered for your rehab treatment. Recovery Now TV has insurance experts available to handle the process of obtaining insurance so that you can avoid any confusion. Different rehab centers accept different types of insurance and some plans only cover a certain percentage of your stay. We can verify what your insurance will cover, determine which treatment centers will be the best financial fit, and find quality care with reduced out of pocket costs.

Personalized Placement: There are plenty of different options to choose from in rehab treatment centers and finding the right facility can be a difficult task. If you don’t know what facility will meet your needs it can be inconvenient to call individual centers and find out what services they offer to patients. Our counselors can speak to you on the phone and will create a personalized placement for you based on your specific situation. We have experience working with a number of rehab centers and can place you in the right one based on your individual needs, your financial situation, your insurance coverage and your schedule. You can be sure that your treatment experience will be exactly what you need.

Breaking Free from Opana Addiction

The Opiate Treatement Center

Opana is a newer prescription painkiller that is believed to be doubly as strong as Oxycontin. While many have never heard of this painkiller, the substance can lead to fatalities when abused. Opana addiction is a serious issue. If you are seeking to renew your life and break free of addiction to this narcotic painkiller, residential treatment can help.

While many compare Opana addiction to abuse of Oxycontin, the two prescription drugs are dissimilar in many ways. For example, Opana is less stimulating and tends to make users drowsy. As a result, problems with the proper functioning of the lungs can deprive those with Opana addiction of air. Opana can also lead to paranoid thoughts, seizures and problems with the heart rate.

Even though Opana is a newer drug on the market, our residential treatment facility specializes in treating patients who suffer from Opana addiction. The first step in the recovery process is detox. This process can last up to a week. Those detoxing from their Opana addiction will experience unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, bone pain, and hot and cold flashes.

Once detox has been completed, our residential treatment center will provide various resources to help the addict to overcome his or her issue. This includes one-on-one therapy and group therapy. During these sessions, the addict is encouraged to explore issues that may have lead to drug addiction. It is important to gain an understanding of triggers that might continue to cause drug abuse in the future. Once these triggers are consciously acknowledged, they are easier to overcome.

Other resources offered by our treatment program include nutrition counseling, massage, yoga and even biofeedback. Patients will also receive assistance in determining an extended recovery program, including outpatient treatment that will help maintain sobriety.

Many have successfully recovered from Opana addiction. To begin your recovery, please contact us today.