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Former Synthetic Drug User Speaks About His Addiction

on Saturday, 14 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts

synthetic drug addiction

Many of us are familiar with the damage hard drugs can cause in someone’s life. Well one man is speaking about the struggle he went through with synthetic drugs.

Kevin Parker, of New York, said it began with synthetic marijuana, or ‘incense’, and before long he began experimenting with synthetic cocaine, or bath salts. There were no hoops to jump through, or dealers to track down to supply his habit either. Because the synthetic drugs are sold legally in smoke shops and gas stations, they were never more than 10 minutes away.

Parker said that at first, he didn’t see using the drugs as a real problem. “Then I started breaking down, having physical problems,” he said. “Now it’s two years later and I’m on death’s door.”

He realized there was a problem when he began having heart trouble as a result of using the synthetics. Parker found himself in and out of the hospital. Although the drugs have a clear label stating ‘not for human consumption’, Parker was unable to put them down. He continued using, despite his health scares.

“You’re trying to fill a hole. Because something is missing in your life or something that happened in your childhood,” said Parker. He realized there was a problem, but for a long time, was unable gather the strength to quit. “There’s a level of don’t care. There’s a level of apathy. There’s a level of how bad can it be?”

After two years of using the synthetic drugs, Parker realized something had to give. 83 days ago, he took a stand, and put down the drugs. So far Parker has not picked up bath salts or synthetic marijuana again. He realized the damage the drugs had done in his life in such a short time. His health had been deteriorating and his relationships were suffering.

It didn’t take a hard illicit drug to bring him down, synthetics had done it. Many people underestimate the effects and addictive power these designer drugs really possess. Parker understands how close he came to losing much more, and now he hopes to help others stay away from synthetics like bath salts. He hopes by sharing his own story, others will realize the real dangers that come with these substances.

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