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Illinois Bans Flavored Blunt Wraps

on Friday, 01 June 2012. Posted in Marijuana, Nicotine, Breaking News

blunt wrap ban

The Illinois legislature passed a flavored cigar wrap, or "blunt wrap," ban. According to, this measure had failed in the past. Under the new legislation, anyone selling or distributing flavored cigar wraps, with the exception of menthol, will be charged and fined.

The concern with these wraps is that the flavors appeal to children. These wraps are generally used to roll marijuana into what is known as a "blunt." Illinios state representative Kelly Cassidy said, "This product looks like what I put in my kids' lunch boxes every day. It's ridiculous." Flavors like chocolate chip and banana split are feared to be too appealing to kids.

Although this amendment failed in the past, it did pass this time, along with another coattail amendment increasing the penalty for heroin possession. Under this new amendment, anyone possessing 3 grams, rather than the former 5 grams, will be charged with a Class 1 Felony.

Opponents of the blunt wrap ban argue that the heroin amendment was added solely to get the vote to pass the wrap ban. The debate on the House floor went back and forth, and some argued that the bill favored one tobacco company by still allowing the menthol flavored wraps. The law would also harm another business , New Image Global, that produces only flavored wraps. They said they would "be forced to leave Illinois if this bill passes." New Image Global's attorney said, "They put two subjects together to pass a bill they couldn't pass any other way. It's wrong and it's going after one business."

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