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Two Texas Men Plot to Burn Down Methadone Clinic

on Friday, 22 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Methadone

plot to burn methadone clinic

Two Texas men have been indicted for a plot to burn down an East Texas drug recovery center. According to, a federal grand jury indicted two men for planning to burn down this center.

The indictment claims that in March 2012, Daniel Kubisty and Eddie Jacobs planned to set fire to one East Texas methadone clinic, in hopes to gain a competitive advantage for their own business, The Methadone Clinic of East Texas.

These two men were involved with the day to day operation of the facility. Jacobs was also indicted with witness tampering and murder for hire. He hired someone to kill Daniel Kubisty, to silence his testimony against him. Jacobs also supplied the hitman with a weapon and ammunition.

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