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Medical Marijuana For A Toddler

on Tuesday, 27 March 2012. Posted in Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana For A Toddler

Marijuana was the best medicine for 3-year-old Cash Hyde, according to his parents Mike and Kalli Hyde. According to ABC News, the couple defied their doctors orders and Montana law to get their hands on the medicinal treatment they felt their son needed after being diagnosed with recurring brain tumors at 22-months-old. His father told ABC News, “I’ve had law enforcement threatening to kick my door down, but I would have done anything to keep Cashy alive.” He told another interviewer he would rather see his son reach the age of four sitting in jail than not to have him turn four at all.

According to Hyde, police have sought out his family after they spoke publicly about how Cash’s health benefited with cannabis oil. The child’s father has not been arrested, although police have threatened. Montana Police Sgt. Travis Welsh explains that this is a unique case, and he realizes Mike Hyde is doing what he believes are in the best interest of his child.

The Hydes and doctors decided to wean the toddler off a cocktail of medication, including methadone, ketamine, and morphine. Their son went through 30 rounds of radiation without one nausea or pain medication, besides marijuana. Mike Hyde claims doctors were unaware the child was receiving cannabis oil.

Doctors told the Hyde family that Cash had a 30% chance of surviving five years, and at best, radiation could stop the tumor from spreading. But the toddler had not seen any recurrence. His parents attribute it to the cannabis oil. Mike Hyde claims to have carefully researched a proper dose for his son, administering himself ten times the amount to be sure the effects would not be too much. Mike Hyde feels this drug is safer for his son than many of the other ones doctors would put him on.

Dr. Donna Seger, associate professor of clinical medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine said, “No one can read this story without being happy for the child and his family; however, one cannot assume the cannabis oil is responsible for the remission or even the relief of pain. He may be one of the fortunate few in which remission would have occurred no matter what the treatment.”

More than 14,000 Montana residents hold a license for medical marijuana. Under Montana law, a person under 18 can become a medical marijuana patient, but the parent or legal guardian must agree to act as the minor-patient’s primary caregiver and control their use.

Dr. Allison Dering-Anderson, clinical assistant professor in the college of pharmacy at University of Nebraska, said most states medical marijuana laws would not likely include a patient as young as Cash. While Dering-Anderson is happy for the child’s remission, she does not condone breaking the law. She also has reservations about children taking medications not prescribed and overseen by doctors.

The child’s father said, “Cancer is a terrible monster. I was going to do anything to help my child.”

Photo courtesy of ABC News.

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