Third Miami Bath Salt Incident, Involving a Naked Man on a Playground

on Friday, 08 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

bath salts

Police claim bath salts may also be to blame for another bizarre, naked incident in Miami. According to WSVN.com, a naked man made threatening and rude comments to a little girl in front of her mother.

Authorities arrested Shane Shuyler on Thursday when they found him naked on a playground behind North Miami's Police Headquarters. According to the victim's mother, Shuyler was hiding under a slide, when he came out, he was naked and ran up to the family. He told the 3-year-old little girl, "Hi, pretty girl. Hi, pretty girl…I want to stick it in you." When police took the man in custody, he had bath salts on him.

This is third bizarre case from Miami to make national headlines in the last two weeks.

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