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Medical Team Releases Recent Photos of "Zombie-Attack" Victim

on Tuesday, 12 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

bath salt attack

Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital released recent pictures of Ronald Poppo, the victim in the now notorious Miami bath salt Zombie-Attack. According to, the injured man is now alert and able to walk with some assistance.

Ronald also has several holes in his chest, that doctors believe are bullet wounds from the bullets fired by police, killing the attacker, Rudy Eugene. Nicholas Namias, head of trauma at Ryder and Ronald's physician, called these puncture marks "mysterious."

Ronald lost his left eye from the vicious attack, and his right eye is severely damaged. He may be blind. In addition, the victim suffered brain injury during the face-chewing attack, much like a car crash victim. The medical team in charge of Ronald claims he is doing much better, and he has even been following Miami Heat's championship run.

The medical team has published photos of Ronald Poppo, since the attack. One picture shows he is walking, with the help of medical staff. His face looks somewhat undamaged from the cheeks down, but his nose resembles a pulverized mass of cartilage. His left eye is covered with a gauze pad, while his right eye is covered with skin, most likely from skin grafts. His forehead is covered in scabs.

See the pictures here. Image courtesy of Miami Police Department.

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