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Bath Salts in Texas, Doctors and Users Speak

on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

bath salts

William "Loco" Denning speaks with Fox News about his experience with bath salts.

He said, "I was waving a butcher knife around, trying to kill everyone in my house. The law showed up and I got arrested but yeah, it's a bad thing."

Another Galveston man died this weekend, possibly from overdosing on synthetic cathinones, which is a fancy name for "bath salts.' Cathinones had been banned in Texas, but drug counselors report that their clients claim it is still easy to get in some smoke shops and gas stations. Users often have to ask for the substance, and it kept carefully out of sight.

Dr. Mike Health, who is with Memorial Herman's Prevention and Recovery Center, claims the drug produces a state of excited delirium. Hallucinations and aggression can follow. Doctors are still unsure whether the psychotic breaks on bath salts, many of which make headlines, are caused by the drug itself or the lack of sleep that often follows for several days after ingestion. Although, if it were merely sleep deprivation causing these psychotic incidents, would we not also see that happening as often, if not more often, with crystal meth?

Dr. Health admits bath salts are a growing concern. He said, "We have a lot more of it here. As a matter of fact, at any one point it would be safe to say we have several patients who say bath salts are their drug of choice." The Department of Justice's National Drug Intelligence Center calls "the use of bath salts a growing domestic threat." The US Poison Control Center did not receive any calls regarding bath salts in 2009, but by 2011 there were 2,237 calls regarding this substance.

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