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Bath Salts Could Have Been Involved in Murder-Suicide of a Whole Family

on Thursday, 07 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Bath Salts

bath salts murder-suicide

"It's like sniffing demons up your nose." According to, that is how Tonya Scott describes the drug known as bath salts.

Tonya is the sister of Jessy Letellier, the man involved in a murder-suicide that left two adults and two young children dead in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Tonya thinks bath salts may have been involved in this tragic event. Twenty-three-year-old Jessy Letellier, his 22-year-old girlfriend, Lindsay Money, and two daughters, aged two and four, were all killed in May. Lindsay's mother found them all dead in their apartment.

Tonya claims to have gone into the apartment later to try and figure out what happened. She searched the cabinets and drawers, where she found a rolled up dollar bill, a foil pipe, and what she believed was synthetic marijuana. The packaging for this substance was labeled "99 MPH," as well as defining the substance as a "metal cleaner." After a quick Internet search, Tonya discovered that "99 MPH" is bath salts.

Although she is not trying to justify what happened, she thinks this tiny package could offer up some answers. Tonya said, "It's such a tragic and unexplainable event, but looking this up and seeing how crazy it actually makes people, it helps the healing process. The first thing that came to my mid was, 'I didn't know my brother at all if he could do this.' The brother I knew, there was no way. All I felt like I didn't know him, like he was a monster, he was a stranger. So finding this really helps put in perspective the whole event. This bath salts, from what I have read and seen, is worse than any illegal drug out there."

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse or bath salt addiction, please contact us.

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