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Articles in Category: Bath Salts

What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts have been in the news quite a bit lately, and ironically not for reasons having to do with your basin. Apparently, bath salts are the newest method of reaching an altered state of mind. In most states, these man-made substances are sold legally under names such as zoom, Mr. Nice Guy, Ivory Wave, bubbles, white dove, white lightning, cloud 9, blue magic, blue silk, route 69, Scarface, snow leopard and mystic to name a few.

However, make no mistake bath salts are incredibly hallucinogenic and were never intended to be used for bathing. In fact, the name is simply camouflage to maneuver around drug laws. Let’s be clear, these bath salts are powerful, harmful stimulants, containing large traces of amphetamine-like substances such as mephedrone and pyrovalerone. They are white in color, with a crystalline or powder texture, and generally have distinct scents similar to bleach, urine, fish, chlorine and electric circuit boards, among others. Typically, bath salts are snorted, injected and inhaled.

Snorting is the most dangerous method of using bath salts as this particular method has been linked to committing serious bodily injury and even murder upon another. These synthetic substances are often referred to as the “cocaine alternates” because they act the same as stimulants act in the brain. As a result, they are thought to be highly addictive.

Chronic use therefore impairs control over how often one would use, despite social and physical consequences, with the hallmark symptoms being denial and preoccupation with using the substance. Bath salts have also been linked delusions, chest pains, heightened paranoia, accelerated heartbeat, and increased agitation, not to mention a plethora of emergency room and hospital visits.

As a result of the emerging threat that bath salts pose several states including Michigan, New York and Kentucky have enacted or proposed the enactment of legislation to make the use and sale of bath salts illegal.

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