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Articles in Category: Marijuana

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a naturally occurring green [sometimes gray] substance produced from the Cannibis sativa hemp plant. Its chemical name is tetra-hydro-cannabinol or [THC]. Some street names for marijuana include chronic, Mary Jane, pot, herb, dope, ganja, homegrown, bud, indo, and weed to name a few. Most often users smoke marijuana from a bong or pipe. Equally as common are those that smoke it as a blunt or cigarette. Users also consume marijuana, often in the form of brownies and herb teas. When smoked, marijuana produces a sense of well-being and a heightening of the senses, often a euphoric effect. Some short term effects of marijuana include: difficulty with processing information; accelerated heartbeat, warped perception; forgetfulness; decreased coordination. Also, worry, anxiety, paranoia, and distrust are common. Research shows that 50% of all 18-25 year olds have smoked marijuana at least once. According to the majority of marijuana users do not develop an addiction; this does not mean it’s not possible. In fact, studies reveal that more than 120,000 people per year seek treatment in an effort to stop using marijuana. Although it is often purported to be the gateway drug, no particular study of merit has ever shown a correlation between marijuana usage and the subsequent usage of much harder substances like crack, meth, heroin, or cocaine.

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