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Supporting Somebody In Recovery

on Tuesday, 23 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Legal Drugs, Treatment

One of the most important tools in any recovering addict's life is a strong support system that can help them through difficult times and encourage them to keep working toward their goals so that they can live a healthy and sober life. It is not always easy to know what is the best thing to say to a loved one who is in recovery, but the right words and actions can be a wonderful way to bolster a recovering addict's success. Here are a few tips on how to support a loved on in recovery.

Understand That Total Abstinence Is The Best Way To Ensure Recovery

For a person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is important that they do not use substances at all I'm order to maintain a sober lifestyle. While people without addiction issues may be able to use alcohol in moderation, an alcoholic generally engages in compulsive behavior as soon as they have as little as one sip of a drink. Do not offer drugs or alcohol to your loved one, and take care to make sure that there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available at social functions where drinks are being served. Be vocal in your opinion that abstinence is the best choice. Make sure that you do not prepare food that has been cooked with alcohol.

Respect Their Needs To Avoid Certain Situations

When an addict is in treatment, they have the benefit of being removed from situations where drugs and alcohol are present and they can avoid certain situations that may trigger the desire to use. The real world is full of many more triggers, and this can be very difficult, particularly for newly recovered addicts. If an addict expresses to you that they do not want to go to a social event where alcohol is served or that they do not want to be in a situation where they may be tempted to use, respect this and make it clear that you support their decision.

Be A Good Listener

It is not easy to get sober, and newfound sobriety can bring many difficult or uncomfortable emotions to the surface. One of the best things you can do for a loved one who is newly sober is to be a good listener. This does not mean that you need to have an answer to every problem or even that you need to offer any advice at all. Simply being a good listener can help a recovering addict work through their problems. It also lets them know that they are surrounded by people who care about them.

Attend A Meeting With Them

Twelve step meetings are truly invaluable tools for a recovering addict. They offer the chance to begin a social network of other sober people and to have a place where they can share stories and relate to others who are undergoing struggles very similar to theirs. Offer to help your loved one research meetings, and if they are nervous about attending their first meeting, offer to go with them. Being the loved one of an addict also comes with its own set of struggles, and there is a twelve step program called Al-Anon, where you can connect with other people who are also closely involved with an addict. At an Al-Anon meeting, you will have the chance to talk to other people in a similar situation, and you might even gain new insight into the best ways that you can support your loved one and be a resource they can turn to as they move forward with their sober life.


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