Purer Heroin Causes 7 Deaths in 5 Days

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Heroin

A pure form of heroin caused 7 deaths in the last 5 days in Cowlitz County, Washington.  According to KPTV.com, the county’s coroner said the heroin is extremely lethal, causing immediate respiratory failure.  Authorities released information about 2 of the 7 deaths.  One man died right after using using it in a bathroom, and he was overcome so quickly that the needle was still found right next to his arm.  The details related to the second death are more controversial, as the man was found by the Columbia River and is believed to have been dumped there after he overdosed.  There are several charges pending in this case.

There have been 7 victims in total; four men and three women.  Word of the “hot” heroin has spread around Cowlitz County.  Police urge caution because only a chemist could tell the difference in the regular heroin found in the area and this so-called “hot” heroin.

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