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Non-Profits Producing Anti-Heroin PSA

on Saturday, 14 July 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Heroin

PSA heroin addiction dangers

A PSA is currently in the works that hopes to send a positive message to young people facing the temptation of drugs like heroin.

The production is being put together by Regenerate Films, which is an organization based in Ventura County that uses multimedia to reach out to young people.

Regenerate has partnered up with Not One More, a nonprofit organization that focuses on stopping heroin abuse in their community. With a recent spike in heroin abuse in the area, the PSA hopes to educate people of the hidden dangers that come along with the appealing substance.

Many members of the organizations have had personal experience with the pain and damage the drug can cause, either first hand or with a loved one. Matt Salit, a member of Not One More, recalls coming back to his hometown after moving away, and seeing the path some of his friends had taken. “When I came back, all my friends were doing drugs all of a sudden,” he said. “It changes people.” Salit has also watched at least 20 of his friends die of heroin overdoses.

Those who have seen addiction up close realize that drugs have the ability to turn people against their friends and even their families. Don’t put it past someone addicted to heroin to steal their best friend’s wallet, and then offer to help them look for it.

The motivation for the PSA comes from shocking statistics of rising heroin related deaths and overdoses. Since 2009, Conejo Valley alone has seen 7 heroin related deaths, 43 overdoses, and over 480 arrests. These numbers are just for one town.

Heroin use can crush visions and hopes for a bright future for many young people, and the PSA hopes to reverse this by shining a light on the dangers.

If you or a loved one is struggling with heroin abuse, please contact us.

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