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Heroin Use Among Teens Drastically Rising

on Friday, 08 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin addiction

San Diego County authorities see an increase in heroin abuse that has many parents and health officials concerned. According to, the DEA's Tim Lenox claims this trend is also catching on in wealthy neighborhoods and good schools, as addiction knows no boundaries.

San Diego authorities have seen a 229% increase in heroin users between the ages of 18 and 25. Lenox said, "As a parent it really scared me when we started seeing in 2010- teenagers overdosing and dying from heroin. And we started seeing the heroin users' age category going down." Lenox also claims to have seen this drug coming in by the kilo from Mexican cartels. He said, "We are having to fight this battle in all four corners of the county and all four corners of the country."

San Diego has quick and easy access to black tar heroin. Dealers make the drug readily available and cheap for kids who are already addicted to more expensive prescription painkillers.

According to the Medical Examiner in San Diego, heroin claimed 71 lives in 2010. That means more teens died from heroin overdose in that year than in the entire last decade.

Robin Halstead claims her only son, Ethan, became an addict in middle school. She said he began taking drugs he found in the medicine cabinet at home. As prescription pills became too expensive for him, he found a cheaper opiate, heroin, which became his drug of choice. He overdosed and died when he was only 19. She said, "It's the most horrible thing, hurtful thing any human can go through…nothing hurt me more, nothing."

If you know a young person grappling with an opiate addiction, click here for more information.

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