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Central Florida Seeing Heroin Growth

on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin abuse

Central Florida has, for a long time, battled with prescription drug abuse, specifically opiates like OxyContin.

Now, with tighter regulations on the prescribed pills, along with the patient database, more and more addicts in Orange County are turning back to the original opiate, heroin.

Heroin had taken somewhat of a backseat since prescription pills came into play, but now we are beginning to see a comeback.

Todd Dixon of the Center for Drug Free Living spoke on the matter. “We’re starting to see it creep back into the individuals coming to us for treatment,” said Dixon. Many of these people aren’t turning to heroin by choice, but since prescription opiates are now harder to come by in FL, the heroin is just what’s available. The dealers are well aware of this, and are taking full advantage of the situation.

Just recently, two individuals, Jose Jorge and Julian Gil, were arrested for attempting to bring over a kilogram of heroin into the city.

According to investigators, the suppliers from NY hid the heroin inside a gift wrapped package, and shoved inside a shopping bag. The package was then delivered to a police informant, who gave the drugs to an Orlando informant. Finally, the package made its way to an Olive Garden parking lot where Jorge and Gil made the pickup. They were then placed under arrest, and further questioned.

With prescription drugs like OxyCotin under the scope of the law, we will see more traffickers attempting to bring heroin into the city to supply those dependent on opiates. There is a clear opportunity for dealers to make money, however, as this case shows, police have a close eye on the drugs making their way in.

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