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Ninth Death From Tainted Ecstasy Confirmed

on Tuesday, 27 March 2012. Posted in Ecstasy

Ninth Death From Tainted Ecstasy Confirmed

Police have confirmed Calgary’s ninth death from ecstasy tainted with PMMA since July. According to Calgary-Times , the first death in the Edmonton area has also been confirmed, and officials believe PMMA is responsible for two more deaths there. A cluster of tainted ecstasy deaths surfaced this winter, and police believe that the more recent deaths are also attributed to the same batch of ecstasy.

Five men in the Calgary area have been charged after lab results revealed PMMA tainted ecstasy, in several different arrests. Police in the area have released pictures of these five men, in hopes that people who bought ecstasy from these men may realize it is tainted before they consume it.

Two more arrests were made last month, and although police won’t say whether these five arrests are related to the previous two, they did say that all the deaths and arrests have involved PMMA ecstasy in the powdered form. The police also warned that it is very easy to take the powder and make pills, so he advised people to be wary of all forms of ecstasy. He fears that someone may be sitting on a large quantity of PMMA ecstasy, waiting for things to cool down before re-introducing it to the market. The officer warns not to be complacent. Officials also fear these tainted drugs could be transported to other cities.

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