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Articles in Category: Ecstasy

What is Ecstasy?

Methylenedioxy-N-Methylamphetamine [MDMA], otherwise widely known as “Ecstasy”, is a stimulant, frequently and recreationally used because of the feeling of well-being it produces. Users also experience enhanced mental stimulation, and a temporary mitigation of anxiety. Ecstasy has also been known to produce undesirable side effects such as anxiety, paranoia and recklessness. MDMA has also been referred to as “E”, “X”, “XTC” and “Mandy”. Ecstasy is often used to extend the users capacity for physical activity and stimulation, enabling the user to dance for long periods of time or engage in sexual activity for longer than normal periods of time. In popular culture, Ecstasy is often associated with raves and electronic dance music. Research findings show that ecstasy is used just as much as cocaine but far less than marijuana. The most common psychological effects reported include: • Altered consciousness • Feeling of inner peace • Mitigation of anger, fear and anxiety • Euphoria • Feelings of compassion and empathy toward others • Hyper alertness • Heightened desire and alertness • Heightened motivation • Depression The most common physical effects reported include: • Nausea • High blood pressure • Blurred vision • Chills and sweating • Involuntary teeth clinching • Faint • Muscle cramping Hypothermia

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