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Woman Begins to Make Meth in Walmart After Being Detained for Shoplifting the Ingredients

on Friday, 08 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth

Meth in Walmart

This woman was detained at a Walmart's loss prevention center, after being busted for shoplifting the ingredients to make meth. In holding, she went ahead with her plan and began making the meth.

Police emptied a Walmart in South St. Louis County, Missouri, when an "active methamphetamine production laboratory" was discovered inside. According to, the store was open and full of customers when it was cleared around 6:15 pm on Thursday.

Police, who were called to the location about a shoplifter, discovered a hazardous situation involving the substances used to make meth. A later update clarifies that the woman who was detained for shoplifting at the Walmart "began to make meth in the loss prevention office." KDSK-TV reported, "Loss prevention had detained the woman, and she was placed in a holding area until officers arrived. While she was detained, she began cooking meth in the holding room."

According to a local page, says it was "a portable meth lab in her purse," also known as "shake and bake." These "mobile labs" are often made quickly from a 2-liter or a 20-oz soda bottle. This shake and bake method is considered to be incredibly dangerous because it can explode so easily.

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