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Meth Labs In Hotels

on Thursday, 12 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth

meth lab in hotel

Recent meth lab busts have made it clear that these manufactures have no bias on were to set up shop. They have been busted in homes near schools, vehicles, and two recent labs found in hotel rooms.

One operation was discovered Thursday at a Motel 6 in Jacksonville, FL. Police originally responded to a dispute call made by a motel security officer after midnight. However, when police arrived to question the guest involved, several people came running out of the room and fled the scene. According to Jacksonville Sheriff Lt. Jimmy Ricks, a smoking container was found inside the room. Fire-Rescue, bomb squad, and detectives were called to the scene to assess the dangerous chemicals. Two floors of the motel were evacuated due to the discovery. “It’s something that’s very volatile,” said Ricks. This is the third time a meth lab incident has occurred at a local Motel 6. The suspects are still on the run.

In a second, more disturbing case occurred in Jeffersontown, KY over the weekend. Three people are facing charges of manufacturing methamphetamine inside a hotel room. The most disturbing part is that one of the suspect’s 4 year-old child was inside the room during the operation. Police have arrested Jennifer McQuillan, 28, Christopher Clark, 51, and Erwin Bradley, 31. According to reports, all three were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and first degree wanton endangerment. The lab was discovered at a Jeffersontown Red Carpet Inn. According to reports, this is the second time in a month that police have found a meth lab at the hotel.

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