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Meth DUI For School Bus Driver

on Thursday, 12 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth

bus driver under influence meth

A six month jail sentence, along with 36 months of probation, has been handed down to Laura Lynn East. The ruling came after East was caught driving a school bus full of students while she was under the influence of meth.

East’s original charges included 17 counts of child endangerment, hit and run with property damage, and felony driving under the influence. She reached a plea agreement with the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office, pleading no contest to 4 felony counts of child endangerment. An earlier investigation by the California Highway Patrol led to the charges. Authorities received information that East may be driving under the influence during her bus routes.

According to a report from CHP, during one of her routes, East hit a sign while backing up the bus. She then proceeded to recklessly swerve the bus, nearly hitting a culvert. At one point, she almost drove the bus completely off the road, hitting part of a tree. Although no students were injured, the whole ordeal was very frightening, and could have ended a lot worse.

Tehama County District Attorney, Gregg Cohen is glad to see closure in this unsettling case. “Each child was placed in major harm that day,” said Cohen. East, who had been employed for nine years, was placed on administrative leave following the incident. However, in March, she submitted her resignation.

According to reports, East will be able to drive using her commercial license, just not for public transportation.

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