Montana Teacher, Abducted and Killed in a Crack Frenzy

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Cocaine

Montana school teacher disappeared after a pre-dawn run last week.  The only clue left behind was one of her running shoes.  Acting on a tip from one man’s girlfriend, police arrested two men and charged them with aggravated kidnapping in conjunction with Sherry Arnold’s disappearance.  According to MSNBC, one man confessed to police, spilling the lurid details of Arnold’s demise.  The two men had been smoking crack, which “brought the devil out” in 47-year-old Lester Vann Waters.  The confessor, Michael Keith Spell, explained that Waters started talking about kidnapping a someone and murdering them.  Spell claims that when they saw Arnold running, Waters ordered him to grab the woman, dragging her into their Ford Explorer.  Lester Vann Waters then jumped in the back seat and “choked her out.”  Arnold lay dead under a blanket in the vehicle while the men drove to Willston, North Dakota, where they threw her clothes in a dumpster before stashing her body outside of town.  They left her body while the two men drove to Walmart to purchase a shovel.  After driving back to the body, Waters forced Spell to dig a hole about 2 or 3 feet deep.  They buried Sherry Arnold at the end of a tree row used for a windbreak on an old farmstead.

Michael Keith Spell felt remorse when he saw the missing woman’s face plastered all over posters.  He called his family in Colorado, telling them what he had done.  His girlfriend eventually leaked his secret, and the police shortly arrested the two men.

Image courtesy of MSNBC.

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