Man Caught Smuggling Liquid Cocaine in Tequila

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Cocaine

An American student aroused suspicion from New Zealand border.  He had been there three times in six months, and arrived with little money and no real plan of what he wanted to do in the country.  He was taken to a security area, where he became agitated and uncooperative.

When they looked through his bag, they found two bottles of tequila.  The seal of one of the bottles caught the eye of the officials, and when the contents were tested, they came back positive for cocaine.  The article in NZ Herald states that hiding cocaine in liquid is rare.  This method is hard to detect in an airport where most of its 140,000 weekly travelers are carrying alcohol duty free.

The maximum penalty for importing cocaine to New Zealand is life in prison.  The American student will appear on trial next month.

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