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Hong Kong Customs Make City’s Largest Cocaine Seizure

on Thursday, 12 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine

Hong Kong  cocaine bust

Hong Kong Customs Make City’s Largest Cocaine Seizure

Friday, Hong Kong customs agents made history with the largest cocaine bust the city has ever seen. A total of 1,430 pounds was seized, worth 76 million Hong Kong dollars, that’s $980 million US dollars.

According to John Lee, head of the Customs Drug Investigation Bureau, the cocaine was found inside a large shipping container coming from Ecuador. Lee believes that the majority of the cocaine was intended for China or Southeast Asia.

The package didn’t have much of a chance to make it through. U.S. DEA had already flagged the container to Hong Kong officials before it arrived. Once the package arrived at the port, it was driven to a pick-up spot in a rural area in Hong Kong’s New Territories, customs officers were following the package though. They observed two men, believed to be members in a local drug ring, make the pickup.

Once the pickup was made, officials moved in. Upon inspecting the package, they discovered 541 bricks of cocaine, weighing roughly 1.2 kilos each. The drugs were hidden within a shipment of laurel wood. Needless to say, the men were placed under arrest.

The bust is a result of the cooperation between Hong Kong’s customs, DEA, and South American law enforcement. The agencies have been working closely together this year in an effort to battle the drug trafficking problem.

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