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Hollywood Cast-member Joey Kovar Dead At 29 After Long Battle With Ecstasy and Cocaine

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Friday, 17 August 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Ecstasy, Cocaine

Joey Kovar Ecstasy Cocaine Addiciton

Former real world: Hollywood cast member, Playgirl centerfold, and Celebrity Rehab cast member dead at 29.

As many of you know, from media reports, Kovar struggled with drugs and alcohol for quite some time before drugs, namely ecstasy and cocaine, won the battle for his life.

He first took stole our hearts as the vulnerable tough guy from Chicago, when he made his television debut on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood.

Yes, Kovar was one of the seven strangers picked to live in a beautiful house, for six months and experience the “real world”.

Even at that time, the fresh faced aspiring actor and model, and former personal trainer and bodybuilder, showed signs of drug and alcohol addiction. Several episodes aired, exposing Kovar’s tendency to overdrink and penchant to over-party, not to mention many incidents of rage and heated arguments that were telltale signs of what we would later discover to be symptoms of his untreated alcoholism and drug addiction.

In fact, during that very season of the Real World: Hollywood, Kovar left early to enter rehab. Who would have thought it would end this way?!

After real world, kovar, of course did promotions, appearances, and speaking engagements to maximize his 15 minutes of real world fame.

This year, Kovar posed as a centerfold for Playgirl magazine. If that is not a sign of crying out for help, what is…..?!

Also, he was a cast member of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Yes, Dr. Drew Pinsky attempted to help the 29 year Chicago native get sober, apparently to no avail. Kovar reportedly sought treatment for cocaine and ecstasy addiction.

According to TMZ, Kovar, who was staying with a female friend in Chicago, was found dead, Friday August 17.

Kovar’s female friend made a frantic 911 call after suspecting he was dead when she noticed blood coming out of his orifices, specifically Kovar’s ears and nose.

First responders pronounced Kovar dead at the scene. Although no reports have revealed Kovar’s cause of death, family members stated to TMZ that they suspect drugs and alcohol were involved.

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